Choose from 1 kilo (22 servings) or 2 kilos (44 servings) of fresh Quinoa & Buckwheat granola, fully sealed in a pillow bag and sent directly from our cereal bakery in Bermondsey, to you. The best quality shelf life is 4 months, once open, it can be stored in the freezer or decanted into an airtight jar to keep fresh for a long time. These pillow bag equate to 2 or 4 x our standard cereal boxes (plus a few extra handfuls).


The award winning Quinoa & Buckwheat granola is a summertime favourite, made with olive oil, earthy buckwheat, nutty quinoa from Suffolk*, robust Scottish oats and a touch of wildflower honey. The neutral flavour and unique texture makes it a particularly versatile granola; excellent with yoghurts, blueberries, and acai bowls, sprinkled over ice cream, salads and summer fruit crumbles. This granola is particularly popular with children and benefits an excellent nutritional profile too. (Tip: Try a handful sprinkled over Mackies Scottish ice cream drizzled with good quality olive oil).


*Grown by Hodmedods farms 


Please note: We have decided to deliver 1 and 2 kilogram pillow bags for the moment, to ease admin, reduce stress on the wider city's delivery network infrastructure, and process a huge volume of orders quickly. Thank you very much for supporting us in this time, we are doing all we can to support you too, and behave in a socially responsible way; not for the company, nor me or you but to do our bit, however small, for the greater global fight. 


We will be adding more cereals, porridges, a range of flours and provisions to our website in the coming days. Please follow us on instagram for updates, or check back to the website for news.


We send orders using a next working day tracked courier - please be aware that delivery companies are under immense strain and there may be a delay which is out of our control. Please also note that we may restrict delivery days (and therefore, collection) to further reduce stress on the city's infrastructure; we urge everyone to act in a socially responsible way, no matter how small your actions might seem. We are monitoring the situation very closely and responding hourly to changes as best as we can and in the most socially responsible way.


 Pillows will be sealed and sent directly from the bakery in a protective plastic wallet. If you have concerns about delivery, please leave the parcel for 4 days, untouched, and then cut the plastic wallet away (the contents are completely secure and can be decanted them into an airtight jar if you wish.


Granola is baked and dispatched throughout the week. We aim for next working day delivery with this tracked, express shipping service but please be ready to excuse any delays as your order might be scheduled into the next bake and so forth (let us know if the order is urgent) and please email us for live postage updates; we aim to give you all the tracking and update information our end too.



Gluten-free jumbo oats*, puffed quinoa*, puffed buckwheat*, hulled buckwheat*, sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, almonds*, dates*, wildflower honey*, flaked coconut*, coconut pulp*, coconut oil*, olive oil*, rapeseed oil, cinnamon*, Himalayan rose salt (*Organic ingredients, allergens in bold)


Nutritional info

Typical Values Per 100g Per 45g Serving
Energy 1612kJ / 394kcal 725kJ / 177kcal
Fat 13.7g 6.2g
of which saturates 4g 1.8g
Carbohydrate 54.8g 24.6g
of which sugars 15g 6.8g
Fibre 9g 4g
Protein 8g 3.6g
Salt 0.05g 0.02g


Bulk Quinoa & Buckwheat Bulk Pillow Bag