So you've got the best granola in the world and you're doors are open; here are some POS and presentation ideas to help your Husk & Honey granola fly off the shelves! Make sure that you always have fresh stickers and a clean glass serving jar to help your granola look its best & super appetising. You can order POS materials here, and discuss with us in person if you'd like us to have a presence but have a unique aesthetic in your cafe so we can discuss how to adapt and fit around you.


Displaying the H&H brand in your establishment, using the recommended glass jars, stickers and addition to menus, will attract a discount on our fresh catering granola bags each time you checkout. Please email us directly for approval.

Point of Sale Materials, Labels & Merchandise

Stickers, Labels and Merchandise
  • Our carefully selected POS materials are elegant and subtle, providing a sleek brand presence which is flexible to work with your establishment, whatever your style. Husk & Honey Granola is a premium, credible and high quality brand, which adds a little speciality luxury to your establishment. Therefore, we have come up with this range of charming POS ideas to help you let your customers know that you have selected fine quality, artisan granolas and nothing less. 


    Moreover, we offer a discount to customers who are using our point of sale materials, for ever and ever. Get in touch with one of our friendly team to see how our POS materials can work with your brand.