NOTE: Customers using our POS as agreed with a Husk & Honey sales representative should purchase the discounted POS wholesale Granola (£115.20 as opposed to £132.60 per case).


These cases contain 6 pillow bags (2000g) of our award-winning granola, straight from the ovens of our London bakery. These are very popular for food service, for example, cafes (with our attractive air-tight counter top jar), restaurants, brunch menus, office kitchenettes, hotels, breakfast mornings, creative studios and event catering.


We can also offer a case of 4 or 5 pillow bags for smaller establishments (at the same wholesale prices), though please note that orders totalling less than £100 will attract a flat £8 delivery charge within the UK.


For orders less than 4 pillow bags, please log into the normal retail e-shop where you can buy individual pillow bags at retail price. 


We recommend approx 45g granola + natural yoghurt + fruits, thus 44 servings per pillow bag.

Case of Granola Pillow Bags (6 x 2000g)

  • Each 2000g bag contains approximately 44 servings for a classic breakfast bowl, however, one's serving style might vary this from 20 servings (generous) to 60 servings (sampling serving sizes). Note that Husk & Honey Granola is very nutritionally rich, and so serving sizes needent be very large, especially served with yoghurt and fruits.