LETTERBOX GRANOLA      £12.50 / month

Step 1

 Choose your subscription type (rolling or pre-paid)

Step 2

Choose your blend

(or suprise me)

Step 3

Enjoy 750g fresh granola through your letterbox each month

What will I get?

Each month, you will receive a letterbox friendly delivery containing 15 servings (750g) of Husk & Honey granola, fresh from our ovens. You can choose your favourite blend, or ask for a surprise each month. 

When will you dispatch?

The subscription will begin from the date of your first order and future deliveries will occur on, or near the same day of the month for the duration of the subscription.


How does payment work?

Rolling subscriptions: Simply sign up above and PayPal will transfer £12.50 each month, just email us when you want to stop or miss a date.

Prepaid: You make one payment with either PayPal or your bank card at the beginning of the subscription (£37.50 or £75).


What if I go away

We can delay or pause your delivery, please contact us with at least 72 hours notice.


What if I want to edit or cancel the subscription

Please contact us to edit or cancel, with at least 72 hours notice before your monthly delivery date. Please note that rolling subscriptions can be edited or cancelled and pre-paid subscriptions can be edited but not refunded. 

Any other questions?

Always happy to help -